Mai K. Nguyen

I love creating lasting solutions

Oceana Promo Kit
Snapple Redesign

I love drawing happy things

A Royal Fetish
Choose Your Weapon!
Nengajou Cards
2011 Doodles

I love telling stories

Coral & the King
The Dreamreader

I love eating ice cream


Mai loves making, doodling, learning, & most of all, eating ice cream.

My name is Mai (rhymes with “pie”) K. (for Kyoko) Nguyen (pronounced like “win”, “nwin”, or “nooyen”—you can choose), and I'm a designer and perpetual doodler. I currently reside in the California central coast where the sunsets are pretty and the people are kind. I approach all of my creative projects as both a problem to be solved and a story to be told. By guiding the viewer through these stories in an effective and powerful way, I want to leave behind only the most unforgettable experiences. I really do believe that design has the power to move people, and I dream of a day that my own work can help influece society and inspire change.    résumé    behance    dribbble    linkedin


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